Why Air Dried Meat is so Popular

Forget about protein bars! The new high-energy snack that foodies should be carrying in their gym bags is air dried meat.  The most popular snacks tend to be biltong (which originated in South Africa) and beef jerky.  No longer considered to be a fatty road trip item, ‘health-conscious’ pre-packaged meats are being praised for their many benefits.

In fact, meat snacks like these are now so popular that last Christmas the UK’s first jerky advent calendar went on sale.  What’s more, packaged dried meats gained unprecedented shelf space at London’s specialist foods shops and at Selfridges, with sales of artisan dehydrated meats up nine per cent on last year.

Air Dried Meat

Air dried collar of porkAs a result of this popularity, when we opened Deli Cymreig earlier this summer, we ensured that we were able to offer our customers a range of top quality air dried meats, all sourced from the same farms as those that we use in our butcher’s shop.

A very popular choice in our air dried range of meats is our air dried collar of pork.  This is a Welsh product very similar to other air-dried products, but made from a different part of the pig, usually the collar which is the top muscle of the shoulder.  We add just a hint of Rosemary to enhance the flavour of the pork.

Our air dried ham is also a popular favourite among our deli customers. Though a Welsh product, the tangy flavour of this meat is more in line with a Spanish or Italian style air dried ham.  It’s also great for wrapping around other meats like chicken before baking for added succulence and taste.

Air dried hamWe also offer a beech smoked air-dried ham. This is a sweeter and softer ham, more in the tradition of German or Austrian style Schinkenspeck.

All of these ready to eat air dried products are best served at room temperature and are excellent individually or combined a as a light lunch or part of a dinner party platter, with good bread, chutneys and a glass of wine or beer.

Deli Cymreig

These air dried products are all available from Deli Cymreig along with a complete section of other deli products ranging from olives and cornichons to salamis and carpaccios.

You can also order selected products from our new online shop www.bestonlinedeli.co.uk

Air dried meat



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