What Makes a Great Deli?

Great DeliBefore we opened Deli Cymreig in Swansea Market, we carried out a lot of research, not just on the products we were planning to sell but also on what makes a really good deli.  In short, a great deli offers a specialised service combined with premium, locally sourced products.

While you can buy cooked meats, cheeses and other deli products from a number of retail outlets including supermarkets, at Deli Cymreig, we work hard to make our deli stand out from the rest in every way.

We not only sell high-quality, award-winning meat products which come from our own butchers but also offer local produce including traditional Welsh cheeses and international delicacies sourced locally, without the food mileage.  As a result, we’ve achieved what we set out to do: creating a great deli experience that makes customers come back for more.

Reasons Why Deli Cymreig is a Great Deli

To back up our claims, here are the top reasons why Deli Cymreig stands out from the crowd in terms of product offering, service and overall experience:

  • All our meat products come from our own abattoir and are prepared at our own butchers and locally cured. Animals travel as short a distance as possible, so you are guaranteed the freshest, local meat products available.
  • 100% of our products are from Welsh suppliers.
  • We don’t pre-slice and wrap our meats and cheeses in cellophane. We slice everything fresh and made to the customer’s specifications.
  • We use only the freshest ingredients in our deli products and, other than locally made product like Mumbles pate and our range of dairy products, make everything from scratch, using our in-house recipes.
  • We offer a range of unique products that you won’t find anywhere else in the market and delight in introducing these to our customers.
  • We don’t correct our customers if they don’t get the pronunciation of some the products right, we know exactly what you want!
  • Our pre-packaged products like Gower pates and chutneys include full details of ingredients on the jars.
  • We have eliminated as much plastic as possible and the packaging is made from sugar cane and so is fully compostable. We also offer refillable bottles and jars for key products such as olives and olive oil.
  • We can now deliver a range of our deli products to your home when you order form our online shop bestonlinedeli.co.uk

Visit Us Today

Now you know what makes Deli Cymreig so great, come and pay us a visit and sample some of our amazing local produce.

You can find us at Unit 57a in Swansea Market or if you can’t make it to Swansea City Centre, order online from our website.

Great deli

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