Deli Cymreig Introduces a New Range of Deli-cious Sausages

SausagesOften referred to as the humble sausage, this delicious and tasty favourite comes in all sorts of shapes, flavours and seasoning.  At Deli Cymreig, we have embraced this philosophy and we have created a whole range of new sausages to meet the tastes and palates of our discerning customers.

Like the more traditional versions that we sell at Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher, all of the sausages that we sell at Deli Cymreig have been developed and made by our own staff at our abattoir in Llanmorlais.

We’d like to share the details of some of these very special sausages with along with ideas for the perfect accompaniments.

Gower Merguez Sausages

SausagesMerguez is traditionally a red, spicy mutton or beef-based fresh sausage from Maghrebi cuisine. It is also popular in the Middle East and Europe, having become particularly popular in France by the closing decades of the twentieth century.

Our Gower Merguez Sausages are made using lamb from selected cuts from the Fore Quarter, trimmed to 80% visual lean before mincing.  They are then spiced with cumin and chili pepper as well as other spices such as fennel, and garlic to enhance the flavour.

Our Gower Merguez Sausages are great with scalloped potatoes and any type of green vegetables.

Boerwars Sausages

SausagesBoerewors literally translates as “Farmers Sausage” (English pronunciation “boo-ra-vors”) and originate from South Africa.  They are made from coarsely minced beef  and spices like coriander seeds, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and allspice.

Traditional boerewors are usually formed into a continuous spiral.  They are great eaten on their own as a snack or turned into meatballs with tomato and basil sauce, served on a mountain  of mashed potatoes or pasta.

Toulouse Sausages

Saucisse de Toulouse or “Toulouse Sausage” is a fresh sausage originating from Toulouse in the southwest of France. It is usually made from pork (75% lean, 15% belly), salt and pepper with a natural casing of about 3cm in diameter in a sold in a coil (like Cumberland Sausage).

Toulouse sausages are the classic ingredient in cassoulet, that hearty bean, confit and pork extravaganza that is a hallmark of any self-respecting French cook’s repertoire. Traditional Toulouse sausages are all pork and are minced by hand rather than ground.

Our new Toulouse sausages follow the original ingredients as closely as possible using the family recipe that we have used for generations with a few secret ingredients too.  They are perfect in any traditional French cassoulet recipe or any other casserole style dish.

Smokey Chipotle Sausages

sausagesAlso made from minced Welsh pork, we’ve developed our very own version of Smokey Chipotle Sausages on sale now at Deli Cymreig.

These tasty sausages are made using our traditional, sausage-making practices along with fresh vegetables including onions and garlic. Topped off with oils and seasoning including cumin, Mexican chipotle and Chili de Arbol peppers to create delicious sausages with sizzle, texture and personality!

Our home-made, spicy Chipotle sausages are ideal in a Mexican recipe including enchiladas.

Deli Cyrmeig Sausages

In addition to these four Deli Cymreig favourites, we also sell our very own beef and mustard, hot and spicy and Italians sausages with fennel.

Come on down to Deli Cymreig in Swansea Market to make your personal choice yourself.

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