Creating the perfect cheeseboard

CheeseboardThere’s no better end to a successful dinner party than presenting your guests with a stunningly attractive but tasty cheese board.

Since we launched Deli Cymreig in May 2018, we’ve been learning a lot about different products we stock and the sort of advice and guidance they ask for when buying our deli produce.

So, with our amazing range of Welsh Cheeses in mind, we’ve researched some of the tops tips to help you to prepare the ultimate dinner party or Christmas cheese board.

Buy your Cheese from a Cheesemonger or Deli

Buy from the experts; avoid the temptation of the cheese aisle at your local supermarket.  You’re far better of paying a visit to your local deli or a cheesemonger to see what they recommend.

Their help and guidance will reap its rewards in terms of freshness and taste.

At Deli Cymreig, we stock a complete range of Welsh cheeses including the famous Black Bomber, a smooth, creamy cheese which is made by the Snowdonia Cheese Company. We also sell the popular Per Las, which is a speciality organic blue cheese, stronger in taste than Stilton and has a thin rind.

Make Your Cheeseboard Visually Appealing

A cheeseboard looks most attractive when there are an odd number of cheeses on the board: so three, five or seven.  If you don’t believe us, give it a go; aesthetically it makes a huge difference.

Balance the taste and texture

Try to have a soft, a hard and a blue cheese; then try to have several types of milk ie cow, sheep, or goat. Be creative with your combinations for example add a soft blue like Per Las, or a hard and crumbly Welsh Cheddar.  It’s all about balancing the taste and texture of the various cheeses.

Always include something you’ve never tried before.  With a huge range of seasonal and locally sourced Welsh cheeses on our Deli Cymreig market stall, this is your opportunity to create a unique cheeseboard is almost limitless.

Ask for advice

Nothing pleases a cheesemonger or deli owner more than being asked for advice. It gives them a chance to impress you with their knowledge. It also gives you the opportunity to try some new cheeses and if you don’t know what a cheese tastes like, ask! They are there help you create something special. Just ask them for some advice.

To store cheese, keep it in its original packaging in the vegetable box in your fridge and take it out 30 minutes before serving.

Buy enough

The quantity of cheese you need per person depends on the type of cheeseboard you’re planning. If you’re planning an end of dinner cheeseboard, you’ll need about 80g (3oz) per person. For a cheese dinner served with charcuterie and nibbles, allow for about 120g (4.5 oz) per person.

Buying the right accompaniments for your cheeseboard

Pears and grapes are perfect accompaniments for cheese because their acidity cuts through the natural creaminess of the cheese. If you prefer relish or chutney, ask the deli owner for their chutney or relish suggestion. We sell a range of wonderful locally made chutneys, often made with seasonal fruits or vegetables which will perfectly complement the cheeses on your cheeseboard.

When it comes to serving bread or crackers, there is no right or wrong answer; but whatever is your preference make sure it’s the best quality bread such as a properly made sourdough, which you can also buy from Swansea market, or the finest crackers.

Deli Cymreig

At Deli Cymreig, our experienced deli counter staff would be delighted to help you to create the best looking and most delicious after dinner party cheese board.

Visit our Swansea Market stall for a little taster session to help you to decide which cheeses to buy or visit our online shop for a range of deli products at


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