Cheese – the New Trend in Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is a tradition that has been around for centuries and can come in all shapes and sizes some with the quirkiest of decorations.  For a while the cupcake-tree wedding cake made a popular appearance as an alternative to the standard 3-tiered sponge or fruit cake.  But these days, there’s a new savoury trend in wedding cakes which is perfect for those of us without a sweet tooth – it’s the cheese-wheel wedding cake.

As well as offering something a bit different to your wedding guests, these savoury selections are becoming increasingly popular with forward-thinking brides and grooms.  What’s more, they are also gluten free, so that ticks a box for those guests who struggle with wheat or rye based products.

These cheese wedding cakes look every bit as impressive as their traditional counterparts, especially when decorated with flowers and other cake toppers.

“People are really surprised when they see these cakes and they rarely recognise that they’re cheese,’ says Catherine Butler, Managing Director of Deli Cymreig in Swansea Market. “We were asked to make one earlier this year and the idea had never occurred to us before.  We did our research and we created a delicious and stunning-looking wheel-cheese cake using a range of our traditional Welsh cheeses.  The customer was delighted, and we are now receiving regular orders from more brides and grooms who love the idea (and surprise) of a wedding cake made from cheese.”

When it comes to mixing the different flavours in your cheese-wheel cake, it’s important to consult with someone who know which types of cheese complement each other.   They should also be able to recommend how to cut and the serve the cake, along with the ideal accompaniments such as crackers and chutneys if the cheese is being served as part of the wedding meal.

And that leads onto the burning question. What about the all-important cutting of the cake by the happy couple? A soft cheese like Perl Wen should be selected to keep that tradition intact.  The different cheese-wheels can then be cut up and distributed to guests for a taster as well as being put on the tables as an alternative to dessert.

So, although your grandmother or elderly aunt may frown at the change in this tradition, we’d love to hear from any couples planning a wedding who are interested in our cheese-wheel cakes.  Just pop into our stall in Swansea market and have a chat with a member of our staff.

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