Alfresco Dining Tips from Deli Cymreig

Eating AlfrescoWe’ve enjoyed some lovely weather again this summer and, as this trend looks set to continue, more and more people are enjoying dining alfresco.  To help you to enjoy your outdoor dining experience, the team at Deli Cymreig would like to share some tips for making eating out alfresco an event to be remembered.

Planning your Alfresco Dining space

Whatever the occasion may be, every event will have different requirements that may mean configuring your outdoor space differently to suit the occasion.

Things to consider are where will food be cooked and served? If it’s a BBQ, then ensure the kit is positioned away as far away from the eating area as possible to avoid accidents. If it’s a buffet, then think about where the serving table will be situation.

You also need to consider where will people linger prior to eating (and ensure this not close to a BBQ too)? Where is the best place to serve drinks? Where will people sit to eat and whether there is any space needed for garden games or activities.

Make allowances for the weather

We have enjoyed some soaring temperatures lately, but the UK weather is nevertheless as unpredictable as ever.

When you’re planning an event far in advance, you can’t always guarantee that the weather will stay dry. It’s worth thinking about how you’re going to prepare and serve food and make sure your guests can sit underneath a garden parasol or even a gazebo if the forecast on the day involves any chance of rain.

Even in the summer, there can be quite the chill in the air during the evening. Making sure you have a source of heat for people to enjoy is vital if you want your guests to be comfortable.

A popular choice is a fire pit, which radiates comfort and warmth, even after the fire has burnt out.

Lighting and ambience

Good outdoor lighting can really enhance your outdoor space, giving it a wonderful ambience as well as practical illumination for important areas. Think about which areas you will need lit, such as a pathway from the garden to the house, the eating area and any areas you want to highlight.

Solar Garden lights are a cost-effective way of achieving pathway or garden lighting.  They are relatively inexpensive and don’t require complex and dangerous electric extensions in the house or garage.

What’s on your Alfresco Dining Menu

A BBQ tends to be the first choice when it comes to Alfresco Dining.  However, if you are planning to invite a large number of people, but you will also need a big BBQ and at least two people to be in charge of cooking and serving the food.

A more relaxed option is a buffet which can include both hot and cold food, all laid out ready for your guest to enjoy and you to join them without worrying about what may be burning on the BBQ

At Deli Cymreig we offer a huge range of buffet treat including locally sourced nibbles as well as cold meats, Welsh Cheeses and many different accompaniments to make your buffet a tasty success.

For hassle free recommendations, you could try some of our finger food products including antipasti, olives, caramelised onions, chargrilled artichokes, cornichons, dolmades, sun dried tomatoes and much more….

Keeping things simple, we also offer a range of salami’s and other continental meats including a range of chorizo products which are ideal for canapes.

Additional Alfresco Buffet Idea Recipes

If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, we’ve discovered some yummy finger food recipes from the Olive Magazine website which are easy to make and set to impress your guests too.

  • Baby new potatoes wrapped in bacon with harissa cheese dip: new potatoes are wrapped in crispy bacon with a punch, creamy harissa soft cheese dip, making an easy party snack recipe.
  • Party tatines are also easy to prepare and with a variety of toppings can look colourful and appetizing on your buffet table. We particularly like the tatine with Dolcelatte, fig and thyme (and you can of course replace the Dolcelatte with Per Las, a delicious Welsh blue cheese.   You can also create a variety of tatines using continental meats such as salami or chorizo as well other cuts of cold meats including beef, ham or pork.
  • To spice things up a bit, you could also add a dish of caramelised onions and chorizo nachos, oozing with cheese and complemented by the flavour of the spicy chorizo.

No Afresco buffet is complete without a cheeseboard.  At Deli Cymreig, we don’t only sell a variety of Welsh cheeses but all the accompaniments you will need.

What’s more, we can even give you advice and guidance on how to create the perfect cheeseboard, click here to find out more.

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